Hello to all our new friends

Booth-Table at Gardens and Green Spaces
Booth/Table at Gardens and Green Spaces

Gardens & Green Spaces – – Want to thank all out new friends we made at the show. It was delightful to meet you all and share our world of Botaniumus. All the Botanical Beauties and Beasties send out a Big Green smile, and warm welcome to one and all.

“In the land of Botaniumus lives a community of whimsy and mostly beautiful creatures. They live a wonderful life of fun and frolic. They spring forth from glorious gardens and fantastic waters. You see they originate in parts of flowers or “organics” – such as moss, a plant stem, a bit of rock surface, or coral, or the like .

The mantra of the land is environmental consciousness, eco edu., and “living green.  The other prevailing wind is kindness to all in its community.”

A special shout outs to Barb Burgess, Polly at http://www.robinhollowfarm.com (check out her flowers and plants they are gorgeous!), my good friend Bernadette, and the wonderful world of serendipity and coincidence!

Next time we are “out”  in the world is our summer jaunts to WholeFoods in Cranston, Rhode Island. We will be there on Tuesday evenings starting in June from about 3 pm until sunset(ish.) Stay tuned for more details in a few weeks.

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