Are they all Beauties? Is their a Beast?

Beauty and the Beast?
Beauty and the Beast?

I have been thinking about water, waves, the sounds of the waves, the oceans roar, and then back to the stillness that water can have. The ebb and flow of it all. It’s almost magical how the water flows in and out of the sea onto the sand, continually restoring itself, and laps up on the shore again. Continual replenishment!  If only it were that easy for us. Maybe it is? The other two big topics on my mind lately are happiness and friendships. The connection to all this is I actually got to go to the beach/ocean, and share three days with three wonderful friends. We laughed a lot, and a few tears were shed as well. Some were caused because we were laughing so hard, and some were of sadness – all were water!  All good. All cleansing. All replenishing to the soul. It was truly a respite for us all- the ocean, the warmth, the love of such close friends, the good times, the sounds, the sunshine, even the rain, the whole “ball of wax.” It took us almost 2 years to finally make that weekend happen- it was worth the wait. (Thanks to- you know who you are! ) The above large Horseshoe Crab had washed up to the shore along with about 15 others- I have never seen anything quite like it? All within about 50 feet of each other, and only in that one spot? We were wondering if they were all coming ashore to lay eggs? Again, the cycles of the water, the ocean. How odd that these animals had to bump, jostle and wait for the next wave to make their way to the beach sand. I’m sure their is a life analogy in that somewhere!

Added to the top layer of the above image is another image- this one of a 17th century piece/fountain head- spouting water. The face made me smile for the expression of the eyes, and eyebrows are most amazing. And yet, it fits- it somehow all ties into the fluidity of life, the water that we all need to sustain ourselves. The flow, the rhythm, the cold, the hot, the ocean, the water glass, the shower, the cup of tea/coffee, the waves, the sounds-and back to the oceans roar. An amazing face, a spiky crab, and Moe (Minister of Clean Water in my magical land of Botaniumaus.) All beauties to me…but as we know-Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I am pretty sure the same is true for sounds.  Crashing, jumping, or gentle waves-sounds that truly soothe my soul. What’s your soul soothing sound?

3 thoughts on “Are they all Beauties? Is their a Beast?”

  1. Love the picture…as I was one of the fortunate ones to have shared in this amazing weekend, I truly appreciate the topic and the picture. The horseshoe crabs made me think of the whole cycle of life. I felt much better when it was shared that they molt just like the blue crab. It was amazing to see so many of the crabs washed up on the beach to either lay their eggs and start the whole cycle over again by renewing their outer body. Sometimes I wish we could do the same, but then beauty is really what’s inside and not outside.
    It was such a regenerative weekend. I did feel like I renewed my outer and inner self. I was reminded this weekend that we should never put off spending time with the ones that make us laugh and cry in one moment. Life is too short to let special occasions like this pass us by.

  2. Beautiful description, beautiful weekend, beautiful friends
    Time flies, don’t let it escape us…..

  3. thanks to both of you….….and the molting analogy – good one! But then again, you are right -beauty is really what’s inside and not outside! But it sure would be great to every now and then get to molt off this outer shell!

    …we can’t time from flying but we can choose to try to enjoy as much as possible, and do things like hang out with great friends and have great shared times!

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