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Brainstorm - Photo from the EVERETT website. (see link below)

On Sunday Afternoon we went to the EVERETT companystageschool and saw the performance called BRAIN STORM. It was Spectacular! A feast of movements, words, thoughts, sounds and experiences about our brains. The visual creativity was inspiring. The music pumped inside my body. The spoken words were powerful. The mix of the medias was intriguing and done with finesse and flair. This was my first Everett experience, and I am sure it will not be my last! It has been about a day and a half since the performance ended – the visual imagery, as well as the audio is still in my soul and mind. My husband and friend who saw the show with me were also gratified that they had the experience of the show. The show ended, and no one wanted to leave their seat! The added bonus of the company coming out after the show brings a new dimension of reality and a sense of a community to the audience and, I presume, to the performers as well. To be able to ask a question, or make a comment in person, live in the moment was a treat. Although it is already memory, I hope this one sticks for a long time!

I came home, read the program and combed the website-I was thirsty for info. My interest was peaked. Who were these wildly fun innovative people that created this wonderful show?

“Everett is an intergenerational, multicultural company of professional artists that creates original concert works and video productions, carries out a wide range of educational programs, and mentors new generations of young artists. The company was founded in Providence in 1986 and has since gained substantial national recognition for its unique creative vision, social consciousness, and effective youth programs. Our mission is guided by a strong belief in the importance of collaboration, diversity, and the artist’s role in society.  ….

Everett’s Company is known for its research-driven, visually complex style, and the brain is the perfect subject for their investigative technique. As storytellers, Company members translate technical information into affecting human stories. As humanists, they anticipate and critique the social implications of technological advancements. The artists play a synthesizing role in discovery by connecting the disparate elements of science and personal narrative and exposing their connections.”

You still have another chance to see this show. My advice is to RUN to the phone and reserve your tickets. One more weekend, which means 3 more shows in Providence, RI.  
April 27 & 28, 2012: 8pm   April 29, 2012: 3pm    (401) 831-9479   /

Photo and Logo from the EVERETT website: I would credit the photographer(s) but I can’t seem to find a name.

Brain Storm
Brain Storm Photo from the EVERETT website. (see link above)

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