3D printing turns into Air drawing.

These two articles are  repost from  websites called  Colossal. It’s filled with all sorts of amazing things…. and the other called Bit Rebels, also filled with fun and amazement.

However, what I am sharing with you just astounds  me!


The World’s First 3D Printing Pen that Lets you Draw Sculptures

Check out these images!  “Forget those pesky 3D printers that require software and the knowledge of 3D modeling and behold the 3Doodler, the world’s first pen that draws in three dimensions in real time. Imagine holding a pen and waving it through the air, only the line your pen creates stays frozen, suspended and permanent in 3D space. Sound like magic? Well it certainly looks like it, watch the video above to see the thing in action. The 3Doodler was designed by Boston-based company WobbleWorks who recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to sell the miraculous little devices that utilizes a special plastic which is heated and instantly cooled to form solid structures as you draw. I don’t know about you but for me this might have just won the most impulsive Kickstarter purchase in history. Check it out.

and…from Bit Rebels,

World’s First 3D Printed Couture Dress (Covered In Swarovski Crystals)

World’s First 3D Printed Couture Dress (Covered In Swarovski Crystals)

“We’ve featured 3D printed food, jewelry, shoes and even body parts, but are you ready for the world’s first 3D printed high fashion, couture dress? I remember a year ago when the first 3D printed bikini was created, and back then, it was way ahead of its time. Now, only a short year later, it doesn’t seem odd at all to create a custom fit, full length 3D printed dress. This dress was made specifically for Dita Von Teese, and as you see, she looks beautiful in it.

It was designed by Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti. According to Mashable, “The dress was created virtually. Schmidt designed the entire dress on his iPad and communicated with Bitonti through Skype during the process of imagining 17 unique pieces and 3,000 joints that let the dress move with the body.” When the design was complete, they worked with Shapeways to turn it into a real 3D printed creation. The final version of the dress even has 13,000 Swarovski crystals incorporated into it. It took 3 months from start to finish to make this dress.

Unfortunately, I doubt anything like this 3D printed dress will be available to purchase soon. However, it does point to the future of fashion. If you are a creative person who likes to wear unique clothes, imagine what it would be like to spend a weekend designing your dream dress or pair of jeans, and once you get your design just right, you could print it right there in your own living room. That day is coming…and I just hope it’s sooner rather than later because I can’t wait. Between 3D printing and Google Glass, I’m about to burst with excitement with what our very near future holds when it comes to technology!” To see the images of the dress, click here.


The future is fast approaching – Watch out!


I would like to be seeing flowers…instead I am seeing a blizzard!
I guess the only way to hurry it along is to draw it!


Snow…gazillions of tiny little crystals that stopped us in our tracks!

Do you like the snow… the quietness it creates? The Beauty of the shimmering white? The blanket of white that all those tiny little crystals make?

  • Does it create peace or havoc on your world?
  • It is beauty or just a “bother?”
  • Does the power of the ‘Force of Nature’ that can bing us to a stand still awe or annoy you?
  • Does it drive you crazy that you are stuck, or is a good thing that you don’t have to go anywhere?
  • Can you get outside with out shoveling? Does that make you feel trapped or snug?

I think for many of us it is probably a mix of much of the above. If you have to get somewhere it certainly can make it difficult. Then I have to think about who really has to get someplace. Clearly medical issues need to, and a few others… but really, do the rest of really have to move around so much? How about a little more quiet time…what do you think? Maybe we could take a hint form the kids and Wellie that are so happy to have a new playground that magically appears. Magical wonderland?

Wellie in the snow
Wellie in the snow

Hold Your Space

Hold Your Space
Hold Your Space – palms up and out!

Another week and another sunday morning yoga class gave Birdelini and I food for thought. This times it’s about holding on to your own space, owning and nourishing  that space however expansive or tiny it may be. It refers not to marking out your territory but to truly  holding your own self/space with no harsh negative judgments, an acceptance of your space and peace with your space. In the winter “our space” sometimes feels tighter and more constricted. It’s not really.  It’s our innate human nature of “winterizing”- we tend to stand less tall, fold into ourselves more, rounded shoulders and slouching.  In the cold we bundle up, look down, and walk fast to our destinations. That’s pretty close to tight-fisted living. (see last weeks post). Holding your own space  goes hand in hand (all puns intended) with open palm living. You need to understand you can’t  micro manage your space, you need to let is be, to fill, expand, and contract as needed. You certainly don’t need to try to control anyones else’s space, for that is really fruitless. Your space is what it is- your space, don’t judge it or others and the sides of your space will be so much smoother.

I poked around on-line a bit and found this at Spiritual Awaking Process. I thought he did a nice job of talking about this issue.

“Holding Space: Some Key Attributes
Let me try to break this down a little bit. Here are a couple key characteristics to holding space, and I’ll give an example to help solidify what I’m talking about. Some components are:

    • Letting go of judgment
    • Opening your heart
    • Allowing another to have whatever experience they’re having
    • Giving your complete undivided attention to the situation/other person

Those are really the key elements of holding space. You’re not trying to influence the situation. You’re not trying to fix it, win at it, or affect any kind of outcome. You are simply being with it fully so that it can work itself out. This doesn’t mean becoming a victim to it. Quite the contrary actually, you’re very powerful in this space, and it certainly doesn’t mean being hurt physically by another. By when you’re deep into a space like this, you are far more immune to any “emotional” hurt than you might realize…” ( read more