Big Giant Head lands in Madison Square Park

Echo and Bloom in NYC
Echo and Bloom in NYC- Bloom just wanted to see better!

“OVER the last decade Jaume Plensa has become one of the world’s most celebrated public artists, best known for wondrously monumental figurative sculptures that can be seen from Calgary to Dubai. But ask this Barcelona native how he creates his work, which seems to involve feats of technology as well as imagination, and he prefers to talk about music, dreams and poetry…Clearly, though, more than poetry has gone into “Echo,” his 44-foot-high sculpture of a girl’s head, which was raised in Madison Square Park last week… The work is made from an amalgam of polyester resin, white pigment and marble dust, and its glittering neck rises straight from the grass, creating an otherworldly beacon amid the furor of the Flatiron district.” NYT

“Plensa’s sculpture also refers to an episode in Greek mythology in which the loquacious nymph Echo is forced as punishment to repeat only the thoughts of others. Plensa’s Echo plays on the narrative of this Greek myth by depicting a young girl’s face in a state of reverie, translating this sculptural portrait into a physical monument of the internalized voices of the thousands of daily visitors to Madison Square Park.” more at

Well, as you can see- Bloom just had get up close and personal and see better!  The Blossoms and myself were in NYC checking out some ART, some Culture, meeting new friends and old. We all had a grand time, thanks to everyone and everyplace we were! We walked, we ate, we viewed, we bought street art, we went to the MET, we walked some more, we talked, we listed, we explored, we watched, we ate some more, and we even got to sleep some too.

Hear ye Hear ye- more exciting news! The OTHER reason we were in NYC was we checking in, and confirming, that all was set for summer camp for their son!  Here are a few hints of some summer fun to come. The camp is way downtown and on some lush green land, and will enable lots of iconic NYC activities to take place. It must be Eco friendly and near lots of natures green, after all you can take the county away from the boy but not expect him to live on concert alone!  Any guesses?  Leave a comment if you think you may know! Stay tuned soon for more info.

Back to the ART part now for it IS ART WEEK! The Giant Head as first was a bit befuddling to Bloom and myself. As we traveled around it we were drawn to it- she made us smile and wonder. She looks so peaceful even though she is 44 feet tall she is a gentle force. Yet her shear size makes her a force to be contended with. I looked away for a minuet and Whoosh Bloom was up on Echos ear! He needed to get a better look, to experience and to feel the art. Something many of most of us never do. My guess is, many artist would like it if we “experienced” their art, when art moves you to an emotion, that is good stuff.  The amazing part  of Bloom being up there was this is NYC and no one even noticed him up there, so we did not get into any trouble.  I read in the NYT article about Plensa  that he said,  “My intention is to offer something so beautiful that people have an immediate reaction, so that they think, ‘What’s happening?’ And then maybe they can listen a little bit to themselves.” That is indeed what Echo did for Bloom and myself.  We looked at her, we contemplated, we thought about how gentle and peaceful she looks in the middle of the often-frenetic city. We thought about all that goes on in the city, in that park, in that area, the throngs of people around “Echo” and yet she was unruffled by it all.

A good art event for us! What do you think? We would LOVE to know!