New Beginnings, the seasons and the flowers.

It is warm again up here. Many spring flowers are glorious in their blooming, showing off all the colors and shapes they can. Each Season seems like a new beginning – a chance to reinvent a part of yourself. You may do it with Fashion and the Public Persona you wear. Maybe your “hobby” changed? Your sports? Your arts? Your attitude? Your life can be what you choose (not easy but true.) Each season, and each birthday, feels like a new chance.

Seasons of 2012:
SPRING EQUINOX March 20, 1:14 A.M. EDT
FALL EQUINOX September 22, 10:49 A.M. EDT
WINTER SOLSTICE December 21, 6:12 A.M. EST

The obvious new beginnings are babies! We know that many new “wee ones” appear in the spring. Nature has naturally made it a good time for the young. The temps are better, food is more plentiful, and Moms and Dads come out of hibernation. The Botanical Beauties and Beasties are no exception. Meet our new baby! Speaking of family resemblance…. who do think her family is?


Family resemblance…continued

We are continuing our series today “Can you see the family resemblance?”  This series will will be collimated in a mini display/event at Whole Foods Market in Cranston R.I, at the end of April or the beginning of May (date still TBD.)  Let the good times bloom!

Beau and Bleeding Heart Flowers

Beau with his native sons. (ha ha)

You can’t really miss on this one, the resemblance is clear!

The Plant: Bleeding Hearts are a sign that Spring is in full swing. I love their beauty, color, and in my yard their robustness. It’s small delicate mounded foliage with soft arching stems of beautiful, heart-shaped flowers are an old fashioned type of wonderful. For it’s home: shade-lover, cool, moist conditions but well-drained soil. Beau house is along a nice cool shady wall.

The Beautie: Boubolicious: Boubolicious (Boubo, or Beau, for short) is a very wise and knowing creature. Many come to him to ask questions of life and love. He guides his friends through many tough times and thrives on the happy ones. He is Ambassador of Wisdom.  He is a wise, knowing and gentle soul!


Beaudacious – another view.

Art, Nature and Orchids

Orchids make me happy...Yesterday I bought myself a gift. A new white Orchid. To preserve it I photographed it and "Arted" it.

Flowers make me happy. They are calming, beautiful, often exquisite  and an amazement to me in their individuality. Nature is indeed a pure art form. The Botanical Beauties (and Beasties) take their cue from flowers for the most part. Take a detail and expand. The message is every detail can matter, and every person matters. We all need to do our part – whatever that may be.

Can you see the family resemblance  of the Love Birds to the Orchids? We are going to start a series today, showing off the family resemblance’s. This event will be collimated in a mini display at Whole Foods (Cranston R.I) at the end of April or the beginning of May (date still TBD.)  So let the fun begin with today!

Doodles, sketches, Pixels, iPads, Computers and a human.

What makes a drawing? What makes Art?  The ‘tools of the trade’ and changing as fast as the art world always has…..In doing some internet digging here are some interring words.

 “Art Authority, one of the top apps for viewing artworks, has already upgraded its resolution to match that of the new iPad. The app claims that with retina display, seeing art on the iPad is “as good as in a museum.” That, of course, is questionable since no app can truly replace a museum experience, and in our quest for high definition, one often forgets that life itself is free of pixels. We do not need an iPad to see the world, let alone artworks. Nevertheless, the increased resolution can only serve to improve the quality of apps such as Art Authority.

With more and more app developers upgrading to the newer resolution, the digital world of the iPad will surely emerge as sharper, clearer, and more inviting. But let’s hope we won’t lose ourselves, along withour sense of sight, in its stunning display, and will remember to look up at the world, at real life, from time to time. Maybe give our retinas a glimpse of the horizon or better yet, a piece of art! ” -

That is all about the VIEWING… what about the CREATING?

There is Art made on paper and then one way or another put into a digital form to show up on-line… there is “live performance Art” – taped and put on-line to share with the world… there is art totally created with digital computer tools, their is sculptural art, and jewelry art and on it goes on and on, mind boggling….a never ending fuzzy and wonderfully drawn line (to be corny) drawn in the sands of art time. Who else has read Harold and his purple crayon?  This purple line goes on and on….just like art…

I find the iPad an incredible freeing and fantastic creative tool…It is part of my Digital Art. Below is a drawing that sums up what I feel about “digital art” right now, this day, this minuet and will probably change in five minuets.  A funny mix of styles, even the traditional is not traditional anymore. In this case the most traditional tool is Photography. (Today some folks still question whether photography is an art. For the record, I am clear that it is.) In this piece it’s the background image, a travel photo of a rocky coast.. Export it into SketchBook Pro (IiPad app) and Brushes (another iPad app) …recreate…. add a cartoon like sketch made on the iPad.  Enhanced by exporting it to Photoshop on my desktop…. then take it all back to the iPad and PSTouch (Photoshop for the iPad – it’s amazing!), add another photo, this time taken with the iPad camera of what was actually a table edge right in front of me (can you find it?) Back to “big brother Photoshop” on the desktop…. add a few more adjustments and lighting needs. Doing it on the desktop just because it is bigger and I have ever tool possible to me there. This is what I end up….. A mixed media, modern art work? Marty (the fish) looks TOTTALY out of place and yet there is also something fascinating about the juxtaposition. All these tools/devices/skills/modes of creativity are all mixed up together, not fighting each other, just hanging out toghter waiting for use. Is that what you feel about digital art? At the very least it is an intriguing process to pursue.

As it was stated above- “…one often forgets that life itself is free of pixels. We do not need an iPad to see the world, let alone artworks… remember to look up at the world, at real life, from time to time. Maybe give our retinas a glimpse of the horizon or better yet, a piece of art!”