Fly Fishing anyone?

Meet our Guest Blogger- Alan Erdossy from Broadside International.

Since the age of Confucius anglers have been attaching feathers and furs to hooks to catch fish. Why? Because fly fishing is fun.

If you’d like to experience this traditional art form first hand, consider one of Broadside International’s fly fishing schools in NH and VT (trout tend to live where it is beautiful). Simplified Fly Fishing classes are scheduled for June and July, and a full day fly tying class is scheduled for March 23rd. Follow Broadside International on Facebook for details. Broadside will have a booth at the NH Fly Fishing Show, March 2-3 in Pelham, NH, at the Pelham Fish And Game Club to answer questions about fly fishing and their regular schools, classes and excursions.

Broadside founder, Alan Erdossy started fly tying at an outdoor expo in his home town in 1955, and has been sharing his enthusiasm for the preservation and protection of this fine sporting tradition for over 60 years. Active with Trout Unlimited and the Federation of Fly Fishers, Alan also coordinates a Fly Fishing Camp for Teens each June in VT.

Mention the Beasties to him at the Broadside Booth in Pelham, and he’ll teach you a new knot to use when you are fishing.

Alan’s specialty is fly fishing the northeast for trout, Atlantic and landlocked salmon, and striped bass.

Thanks Alan! I hope some of you folks can go to the Fly Fishing Show, March 2-3 in Pelham, NH, at the Pelham Fish And Game Club

9th annual Fly Fish New Hampshire show
Pelham NH March 5th & 6th

“The Fly Fish New Hampshire show is the largest fly fishing show in northern New England and has the largest contingent of New Hampshire guides. One of the advantages of any show is the opportunity to interact with vendors, guides and other participants. The show is large enough to have a good selection of vendors and guides but small enough so there’s ample time to talk and attend presentations.” –


Alan is amongst one of my most favorite people! If you have any interest at all in learning about fly fishing, or joining  a trip/workshop or class, HE IS the guy!  I would most highly recommend for knowledge, experience and fun. I really don’t think you can do better!  So, mark your calendar and go check it out in  March 5 or 6  to meet him in Pelham NH and go out doors and have some fun this season with the fish and  Broadside International.

The Great White North

The Botanical Beauties & Beasties have just returned from The Great White North. It was the perfect way for us to bring in 2013. We were in gorgeous Vermont and the Stunning Adirondack Mountains near Saranac Lake and Lake Placid.

We had a lot of fun, did a little snow showing, laughed and cried with friends, partook in Saranac Lake First Night, and viewed and enjoyed the local art scene. BIG NEWS – if you find yourself in Lake Placid, or need another reason to go to Lake Placid,  stop in the very wonderful “The Bookstore Plus” (2491 Main Street, Lake Placid, NY 12946) and browse all the great things INCLUDING our Cards!  It is a great store, their web site says it all – “Providing personalized customer service to help our customers reach their imaginations though reading, creating or writing.  Your source for the latest bestsellers and Adirondack books. We keep a wide selection of all Indie Next List and New York Times bestsellers. Come  in to see what is new on both of these great lists! We have an extensive collection of Adirondack titles and often have signed copies as well.”  The owners are delightful, the shop is a joy, and you get to support a  2nd generation, family owned and operated local independent book store, read, write and draw…How can you not love that! ( …and by the way they will ship for free on orders over $50 right now!)

Well, back to winter wonderland…the trees are majestic, the mountains are strong,  our friends are “tried and true” and we love them all. The  Adirondack Park weather makes Vermont feel like it is sunny Florida! What ever it is in Burlington VT  ( which is pretty far and up there in VT, yes, like almost Canada) you can count on it being colder and snowier across the lake! When we came back “home” across and had a grand time in our old stomping grounds it was practically balmy in comparison! However, we love them both, the landscape is soothing, the meeting of the mountains and the lakes never stops amazing.

Winter Storm…

The USA has had some “real” winter weather these past few days/weeks. Here in MA, we have missed much of it…but Botaniumus is enjoying a lovely soft snow. Since it is the land of magic the snow there is no problems for cars or folks trying to get anywhere. It just creates a peaceful and beautiful scene with reflected light and nature.

peaceful snow
Here is Izzy out in some peaceful, beautiful snow!


Last Saturday to enjoy us @The Providence Holiday Market

The Saturday Providence weather forecast 38°/26° a touch of breeze and not much of a chance for rain!

Reyonals Farm Goeat

For those last minuet gifts- come and down and see us! Local Arts, Local Goats from The Reynolds Barn – Yes, that means fresh wonderful goat milk soap and scrub! Delicious local granola from Providence Granola which means  a twist of helping folks out as well as yum… Fraggles and Friggles is Jewelry to bedazzle, Local Beautiful Wreaths from Robin Hollow Farm along with all sorts of Local Fresh Greens made into beautiful holday greenery gifts and home decor…and of course- US – The Botanical Beauties and Beasties.  We still have some of our “Marvelous Easy Peasty Ready to go Mug Gift ” sets: 4 Themes-1) Beauty 2) Words 3) Dog and 4)  Garden. All have amazing beautiful organic products inside them! Here’s a quick run down: ALL  are Dishwasher/Microwave safe 15 oz.  mugs/ have 3 bookmarks/have a gift tag already on them for you/ have a card telling about the Botanical on one side and about community and working together  on the other side and a bell to jingle as you give the gift! In addition to that- 

Beauty: The image is Jolie- out Local Herbalist of beauty remedies/all natural all organic Face Toner, Amazing Bee Balm Sauve, and a beautiful Lip balm.
Words: The image of Vaboom- Keeper of new words, kindness and ecology are her favorites Inside the mug are 3 fancy pencils, 3 BIC pens, a ruler, a fancy bulbous pen,  and the organic is “Clarity” – a spray for head fog! How great is that!!!!
DOG – The image is Wellie- Created to honor  Therapy Dogs .  Inside: A doggie kerchief, Calming drops- place on dog or kerchief, a wonderful salve for doggie paws, and since its winter and closed rooms and dogs..a room odor spray!
Garden: On the mug is featured Ron La Fluer ( Our Master Gardner) Inside:3 packs of long shelf life sees (Burbee)/A dream sick for Gardner planing, an amazing lavender salve and a butter for you lips or cuticle/ and gift from me to the purchaser of a very special piece of Quarts to help energize your garden.

Mug Gift Sets

AND never to be forgotten, The FABULOUS SANTA AND MRS CLAUS!