Friends and Family

Friends r like Oxygen

Friends are very important. They can be the glue that helps hold you together…. the sounding board for those random and often ever so important thoughts… they are your playmates in many different sandboxes . You smile, laugh and cry with your friends. You may be in the role of the steady tree or the blowing winds and it changes as need be, that what friends are/do.

Friends are chosen individuals you have included in your life. What an amazing concept when you really stop to think about it! As we get older we tend to realize that indeed this is a choice – time is valuable and there are really not enough hours and days to spend it with people who you don’t enjoy, or treasure, and on some level are fascinated by. Fascinate? It can mean many things to me ranging from an individual who makes me laugh, think, wonder and/or ponder, someone who pushes my creative buttons, maybe it’s as complicated as a kindred spirit or a simple as a person to sit and drink a coffee with.

Friends can be of the 2-legged upright variety or the 4-legged horizontal kind. Both are to be cherished, treasured, honored, respected and treated with the up most kindness.

If you are really lucky your friends and your family are one and the same. I am that lucky, and I am very glad for it and about it. You pick your friends but not your family. I lucked out!

For all my family and friends: my comrades thru the storms and quiet times, my confidants when needed, my advocates, my truth seekers and tellers, my supporters and my “go to” people… Thank you all.