Fun fact friday-Furry Forecasters: 7 Amazing Weather-Predicting Animals

“Animals have evolved to cope with changing weather conditions and in some cases, have learned to sense when these changes are imminent. These 7 amazing weather-predicting animals offer us more insight into weather’s whimsy than Phil Connors on a good day. Now for today’s fur-cast…”

and one more thing… I was talking to a friend today about weather-predicting animals, and she commented that she noticed in CA, along the coast line, the cows seem to SIT instead of lie down. We thought about it and decided it was due to all the fog, and so moisture. It is not  rain (which seems to equal a good reason to lie down) but enough moisture to cause not a full stand up position either! SO the cool CA cows relax, shlump down a bit and sit! Thanks E.e. Newell!

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