How Cool is this! My OWN Chop!!!!

Thanks to my dear friend and pseudo “wee” brother for this wonderful gift!

He, Ian, told me the second part means strong/strength.
He was in China about a year ago when he got this for me.
I love it!

Look for this on up and coming artwork as part of my signature.
Liz StrongChock











The Chinese Chop Art (or seal carving) is one of the traditional four arts, i.e., Chinese painting, calligraphy, poetry and seal carving.

A personal chop in red color is an integrated part of a Chinese artwork of painting or calligraphy, which is not only the signature of the artist on the artwork, but also an essential touch to liven it up.


History of Chinese Seal Carvings by
Chinese seal carvings are an ancient art that combines calligraphy and engraving. Chinese seal carvings, or Chinese name stamps, evolved from a practical need to be able to affix a signature to documents and carvings. But these custom stamps became an art form as well as a practical devise, with its intricate Chinese calligraphy and beautiful carvings.

Chinese seal carving started in ancient Chinese times, during the Qin dynasty (221-210 B.C). The Chinese seal carving was originally used as an imperial seal – a seal used by the emperor to, in effect, put his stamp of approval on documents. The royal seal was called the Xi (which can literally be translated into “the imperial seal”). These Chinese seal carvings were used only by royalty.

After this dynasty, another type of seal developed. This Chinese seal carvings were used for non-official use by private individuals as a personalized stamp. These non-official custom stamps were called Yin. During the Tang Dynasty, (618 – 907 A.D.) the name for the seals changed, in part due to a superstition about the similarity in pronunciation to another Chinese word which meant death, during this period Chinese signature stamps became referred to as Bao.

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Today Chinese carved seals are still used. Many business people use specially designed seals as their Chinese name stamp, to indicate their reliability as business people and to confirm their identity.

6 thoughts on “How Cool is this! My OWN Chop!!!!”

  1. hi Liz, I know you showed me this the other day but we must of got sent on a differebt direction and didnt finish the conversation.That is truely cool.And i think very fitting.It would be great to add it to the beasties.
    Wee bro did good again!!!!!!
    Love you,

    1. Currently reading “The Painter from Shanghai” by Jennifer Cody Epstein. Just one day after reading about your chop, one was casually mentioned on page 214 of the book. If I had not read your article, it would have passed me right by. Interestingly, it’s in a paragraph about a scandal taking place involving the man who pays the models to undress. (this was more than 60 years ago in Shanghai) ” The newspaper called him a ‘ traitor to art’ . He liked the title so much he had it made into a chop. He signs all of his documents with it now.” Won’t the book club ladies be impressed? haha

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