Last days of August…Fall Planting- are you ready?

As the Hurricane, a.k.a. Tropical Storm, Irene winds down from the East Coast of the USA so does the summer. Although summers official end is not until the Fall Equinox on Sept. 23, 2011, at 5:05 A.M. (EDT).

I am sad to see summer wane but I must admit I do love the fall. It is a funny juxtaposition of beginnings and endings. Summer flowers fade to make room for the fall, and those flowers don’t hold a candle to their summer rivals. The colors are often muted, the shapes less exotic and overall they seem less glorious. That said, I still DO love to see them, especially mixed with ornamental grasses. I have not been a landscape designer for MANY years, however, that mix is still one of my favorites. Another wonderful thing about fall is all the other colors. The leaves of the vines, Poison Ivy,one of my least favorite plants, but I must admit that it is a beautiful fall color. The shrubs, Oakleaf Hydrangea is one my all time favorite plants especially in the fall, and naturally, the trees with their spectacular fall show up here in New England.

Back to the beginnings/the ends….The kids begin a new school year/Summer freedom is over. A crispness in the air feels great/Nature takes care of it’s own and weaker animals will pass on. It seems as if the earth is taking care of them, sparing them the harshness of winter in their weaken state. The beach crowds are pretty much gone/We can now go and take the dogs letting them run free-spirited. Hot lazy days are pretty much gone/Cool extra busy ones are here. Green often turns to brown.

I do want to share a new discovery I am excited about. This item may change the way you feel about “grow your own” – especially in small spaces! We live in a condo/townhouse and for better and worse I no longer have a large garden area at my fingertips. It’s kind of like portion control for me!  Less space, therefore I must contain myself and keep it under control! More space and I can’t seem to stop planting, moving and redesigning! Here is my discovery. It’s a company called Earthbox (name is a link to them.) You name it and apparently you can grow it in their box! A large percentage of us live in urban areas, the Earthbox can be a piece of nature wherever for you. How fab!!! Another great thing I found on their site was an article called “From Inside the BOX: Planting Fall EarthBox Crops” –a few bites and nibbles to peek your interest and get you to go and read their page!

“Our Thanksgiving tradition is based on an appreciation and gratitude for good harvests from Mother Earth — a concept that is, for many of us, more symbolic than actual these days. But adding some home-grown EarthBox produce can bring that reverence for nature and its offerings to your Thanksgiving celebration!  … you could still grow part of your Thanksgiving produce fresh in your EarthBox, if you start planting soon. You could also grow some flowers for table centerpieces and for host gifts (that’s what I want to do!)

If you’re planning to include some fresh EarthBox produce in a Thanksgiving dish, just select a recipe that includes the appropriate vegetables.

(And get this – a whole list of ideas!)

Suggested Crops

Crops that mature in approximately 90-110 days include the following. Keep in mind that you may have to harvest some of these a bit early for your Thanksgiving feast, but all should be perfectly edible by then:

(Ok that’s the “hook” – now  go check it out:  See the fall crops listing and then go to the website for the box itself. I thought it was a very good deal! See below.)

White Organic Ready to Grow Complete Kit
We have the ORGANIC solution right here! Poor soil conditions and small backyards are no match for the EarthBox®. Now it’s easy to garden anywhere–even on balconies, porches, and rooftops! Anyone can enjoy delicious homegrown veggies, fruits, and herbs grown in an EarthBox®. A sustainable product that uses less water and fertilizer, the EarthBox® will grow bigger and tastier plants faster than a conventional garden–with virtually no effort and zero guesswork! Now that’s one smart garden!”
EarthBox® Ready-to-Grow Kits that include everything you need to start your garden-even casters! Just add plants and water.- $59.95I want one! How about you!?

Now you know – happy fall planting! Hope that Irene was not awful to/for you – and that all are safe and dry now. 

See you on Wednesday.

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