pink bird- Magnolia
Zoie, Queen of the Woodlands.

The Botanical Beauties and Beasties

The Botanical Beauties and Beasties would love to introduce themselves to you.

Green is more than a color, a flower can be more than a bloom, and art can make you smile. Botanical Beauty & Beastie art can supply a timely message as well as a grin. Pairing technology with imagination, illustration, and artist translations pieces of nature are turned into bright colors and whimsical creatures. They have been called “ organic transformers” and that is so right in so many ways. It’s yet another way to enjoy flowers and what that entire world may bring to us.

Begin with a small “ natural” detail” – usually a flower part; add magic, cameras, digital illustration, inspiration and voilà a Botanical Beauty (or Beastie) is born. They all live in the mythical, enchanted land called Botaniumaus (Botanical plus Humans) where the mantra is “Kindness-because it’s always the bottom line.”  All the Botanicals have names, causes/jobs, and stories to support the mantra.

I hope you are now curious! Find out more, and read their stories, by continuing  to explore our website and follow our social media. Come on into our world and enjoy the colors, the smiles, the messages, and the joy of creativity!

“It’s art and green consciousness mixed with a ton of imagination. Elizabeth Carren creates mythological yet sustainable characters composed of flower petals, moss and other botanical fragments, resulting in something akin to Organic Transformers…

“I really want the products to make a difference,” Carren said.

All are made of ecologically sound material and infuse her skills as an artist, her love of technology and a very vivid imagination.

“It’s my passion and my pleasure,” she said.” “
— Eco RI news

♦ To purchase Botanical Beauties & Beasties products you can go on line to our shop  or find assorted greeting cards at Whole Food Market in Cranston RI, (Garden City.) or Mystery and Curiosity in Narragansett RI 

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♦  The stories of each creature  (beastly or beauty is surely in the eye and mind of the beholder) can be found on the pages of  “The Individuals.”

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