Shimmer, Sparkle, and Shine

She's got an eye out for the weather forecast
She's got an eye out for the weather forecast

Twinkles is planning her arrival. When she does she will reveal her full self and her story. Clue  #1– she is the Goddess of the Shimmering Snow.  As all the creatures do, she too has a story to tell, a commitment to the community and to the environment.



Everyone is all-atwitter. Twinkles is coming to visit! She will glide in next week. She has not been able to confirm a date for her arrive is weather based. She actually needs some new snow for her travel plans. Curious? Stay tuned.

Whoopie pies


Whoopie pie
Whoopie pie- yum!

Mable is a bit embarrassed to divulge this – but she is worried. She loves Whoopie pies and naturally they make her smile. How can you eat one and not smile? “Maine, lawmakers are poised to make the “whoopie pie” the official state dessert — even though some claim the chocolate cake sandwich filled with white fluffy filling was actually invented in Pennsylvania… no Mainer has to go far to find whoopies — “bakeries, corner stores, mom-and-pop shops, supermarkets, restaurants, lunch stands, hotels, motels, B&Bs, taverns, bars, dance halls, wherever.” (State Rep. Paul Davis & writer A.J.HIGGINS That all sounds good, so why is Mable worried? She is concerned if the word gets out that perhaps there will be a shortage. A shortage would mean unhappy people. Unhappy people mean frowns. You must remember that Mables company (Emos) main product is smiles. This is worrisome. Frowns are the sad and lonely. Smiles are happy.


The weather outside is frightful!

How can it seem like it is raining AND snowing all at the same time. I have to wear boots and carry an umbrella!  Milly with snow boots and an umbrella
Milly with snow boots and an umbrella

These boot things are tough for me! My feet are NOT really made for boots, or shoes of any kind for that matter. Scurrying about is a bit tough these days with all this extra stuff. Oh – some sunshine would be so nice….