Orchid Anatomy- for the flower/for the Botanical Beauties i.e. head parts!

The Love Birds just found out about an Orchid Show – Orchid Mania 2011: Purple Reign, it’s in Cleveland (a long way for them to travel) but they are excited anyways. When your head is an Orchid this is big news!  http://bit.ly/hsTrB9

They thought you might like to know a tad more about Orchids. First the flower definition, then the Botanicals definition.

“Throat – the inner portion of a tubular orchid lip, often quite colorful. Lip – the part of the flower that is almost completely divided from the rest of the flower, however, it is connected by the column. The lip is specialized to aid in pollination.”  Definitions and image from: http://bit.ly/hEjuq2

Love-Bird-AnatomyThroat – the long portion in a tubular shape, connected to the beak, often quite colorful.
Lip – the part of the  Botanical Beauties that is on the outside of the beak or mouth. The lip is specialized to form words.

(It’s Whimsy Wednesday, and so an illustration of some type appears today.)

Sunshine, birds a tweeting and blue skies!

Oh wishing for Spring to be here…

Vaboom says Magnifique! You see, she has been hanging out with some French friends – and since part of her job is  “to keep track of ALL the new words that come into the Land of Botaniumus (and ) Her title is New Word Tracker.”  She is very happy!  The sun also means she/they can hang out at the Knowledge Café, drinking coffee, chatting and enjoying the sun! Une excellente idée! (Vaboom loves her new words!) ( see Vabooms picture and story)


It's Friday night

The gang takes the weekend off – see you all on Monday!

Fact is often stranger than fiction.

It is Factual Friday. When fact seems stranger then fiction…

“Sentries in the Garden Shed: Plants That Can Detect Environmental Contaminants, Explosives ScienceDaily (Feb. 15, 2011) — Someday, that potted palm in your living room might go from green to white, alerting you to a variety of nasty contaminants in the air, perhaps even explosives. The stuff of science fiction you say? Not so, says a Colorado State University biologist …. Read more @ http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/02/110215123541.htm

Sun and Flowers

Since we are on the theme of Sun and warm temps this week The Botanicals can not help but also think of Flowers. Being a major body part for most of them they are grouping together and creating a new job for the community titled Ambassador of Endangered Flowers and Sea Plants (EFSP.) They will immediately start a capital campaign called SAVE THE PLANTS. Who is fill this very important position is still to be determined. Since all Botanicals already have an environmental mission/ job they will probably have to find a new friend for this appointment. Stay tuned for more information.

Shopping Spree

Rosie shopping spreeRosie did indeed have a successful shopping adventure, hoping to make her wish of warmer weather come true. Funky sun hat, bright sunny flips and a beach towel, all she needs is the sun, the ocean and 75º now!



Oh… some sun and warm please.

Well the sun was out and the temps were up for a few days – it was WONDEFUL. Everyone got a touch of SPRING fever.  Rosie got so excited she plans to go and buy a sun hat and flips to get ready for the warmer weather. She hopes to “wish” the warmer days in a bit sooner! She will show off  her new purchases to you tomorrow. After all, it will be Whimsy Wednesday.

Oh the winter winds do indeed get wearisome. 75º and sunny would feel So Good! Can’t come soon enough for the gang in Botaniumus.

All Hearts Day – or as WoMe's call it Valentines Day!

Happy All Hearts Day Take Care of your own heart  and share it with others!

Are you asking what is a WoMe?  Check out our NEW Directory Listing/Vocab/Citizen Listing!

Better weather is supposedly around the corner – The Botanicals would love some sun! The rest of this weeks posting will all be about the sun and warmer temps to see if we can make some happen!

The Chocolate Dilemma

Boubolicious is wise and aware, and he has been watching this story. In light of the up and coming MAJOR Chocolate Holiday (i.e. Valentines Day) he wants to share it with you all.

“How will the demand for chocolate be satiated if there is no legitimate government from whom to buy it? This is a legal question as much as it is political. Most of the actual tools at Outtara’s disposal are legal – sanctions, freezing orders, and export bans.”

Check out The Guardian on the topic.

It is FACT FRIDAY – once a week  (Fridays) the gang will post about an environmental, or other important, “fact of knowledge” that may be news to you. Are you surprised -this is sponsored by Iz’s Knowledge Cafe!?

The party at Knowledge Café was a smashing success!

Dancing Felix
Dancing Felix

All, especially Felix who danced the night away, had an outstanding time!  Everyone was so happy to see Twinkles again. She was late this year in getting to town, storm after storm has keep her traveling all around the globe. It has been such a busy winter for her! She is glad to get to Bohaniumus and visit with old friends plus rest a bit. Although she will have to take some samples and measurements of snow and toxins her friends will all be there to help, making short work of a big job.

Felix is usually a pretty reserved guy. However, the music was mind-blowing, the company spectacular, and Izabella did an incredible job with the food and decorations. There is rumor of a summer wedding in the works (shhh – it is all top secret for now) but Iz wanted to get a little “practice” in party planning!

Meet Twinkles!

Twinks has come in on the latest Nor’easter”– everyone is so excited to see her! Big party tonight at the Knowledge Café!  Izabella is excited to be the host, and everyone plans to be there. Good times abound!!!

Twinkles comes to town!
Twinkles comes to town!

Twinkles – Goddess of the Shimmering Snow (a.k.a Twinks) is a true snowbird. She comes IN with winter weather – especially the snow. She cares about the cleanliness of the snowfall. Toxins in the atmosphere, which make for “dirty snow” are not so obvious to us WoMes, but the Botanicals are very sensitive to them and they are worried. The Botanicals understand that the snow eventually melts and it’s nourishment for the emerging spring plants. Many of those plants grow into food for the community.  Twinkles glides in on winter storms and spreads “glimmers” that clean up toxins.  Notice the glimmers on her skirt? (click on image for a larger version)

(Snow, Ice, Winter Fern)