Prints, Art and Joseph Borg

ART WEEK – Part 2. So much fun last week we continue..

Joseph Borg: New York moments metropolitan (no33)

I met Joe outside the MET, on the sidewalk to be exact.  It was a beautiful spring afternoon, and Joe had a table full of beautiful art work.  “Joseph Borg, an artist and master printer, specializes in the traditional intaglio method, utilizing the monoprint technique as a means of endless experimentation. Joseph’s work has been exhibited and well received in the U.S. and abroad. His work has been chosen to be the first and only visual art found in the living quarters of Biosphere II, a life-sustaining experimental habitat in Oracle, Arizona.” ( Very Cool, and Very Green!)

I just had to stop and look, the work has a quality and finesse  that I could not walk by. The colors in his prints are often vivid, like the city of NYC that he lives in, and I like it!

We chatted a bit and he told me that these prints are a mix of painting, drawing and embossing. He then told me these are also often Mixed Media prints, meaning if there is one he doesn’t like it get ripped up and fragments are added to other and a new image is formed. Recycling IN the art. How great is that!

I couldn’t resist and bought a print then and there. I hope you will be moved to do so as well when you see his images on his website.

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