Summer means vacation, wind in your hair and ride a bike!

It’s that time of year when many folks go “on vacation.”  You have been working at many things for a while now, including trying to be green. Now it is time for a vaca, how does one do that and stay “green?”

Let’s be honest the least carbon footprint for your vacation is to stay home, a “staycation.” While you are enjoying your home and the close by things to do you can be “ecologizing” your house, changing your ways to more eco-friendly products. How about taking day trips on a bike!? Ron has taken a vacation to  an urban city and is enjoying his great new Sprint Bike from Schwinn – it is a “classic singlespeed with an industry-proven frame and quality parts package.” I took a “staycation” a few weeks ago and LOVED it ♥♥♥! It was relaxing, fun and stress free. I highly recommend it. 

Ron w/Schwinn Sprint Bike
Ron with his Schwinn Sprint Bike ( @RideSchwinn )

You can also take a Bike Vacation with a group on a tour, I went years ago with a fantastic group called Freewheeling Adventures (click name to get to site.) There website says “Extraordinary Active Holidays since 1987” and I would defiantly agree!!! Cathy and Philip run a top-notch business. If you want a “green” vacation, to meet new friends, and get some great exercise – check them out. They run trips all over the place, from Canada, their home base, to South Africa.  Not only are they very nice folks who will take great care to make sure your trip is amazing, they too have an Environmental Conscious listed right on their site. Although they are probably not “local” to you, supporting folks that are running a business with an eco mind IS important. After all, not every one great can live right in your area. Think about a eco/green vacation with the outdoors, a bike, and the open road!

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