Branding…. icons, and symbols can they help protect the planet?

Everyday we are flooded with 1,000’s of images sending a message. Many, most, are an advertisement of one sort or another. Paper and digital -everywhere. From Magazines, which are increasingly turning into a digital format, to Billboards where advertising is King. As we all know, money makes much of the world go round. …Environmental Graffiti has a piece on 20 Most Creative Environmental Ads. “More recently, some of that advertising space has been filled with a different kind of message created by ad agencies who’ve teamed up with environmental groups, government and others to ask us to buy into something else: the protection of the planet. Whether or not you think these ads make us think and act differently, one thing’s for sure – it’s nice to see some socially responsible ads out there! Read on, and you’ll discover 20 awesome creative environmental ads from around the world.”

These are powerful images/ads…. some almost brought tears to my eyes. Together they form a strong “call to action.” Below are four that are a bit “more gentle.”

Swimming pool is a really cool ad where a city’s skyline is completely immersed in water. The writing on the wall: “Don’t let this be our future. Save our rainforest, stop global warming.” ) (Malaysia)

Travelling Fruits :In 2005, the estimated environmental cost of transporting food in the UK was 9 billion pounds. This banana boat is one of three ads in a campaign about the polluting effects of food transport, specifically targeted around fruits. Along with the banana, there’s also a coconut truck and a pineapple airplane. (Germany)

Light On This is a cool series of three ads where nature’s flora and fauna are represented in wallpaper you might find in a child’s bedroom. Ice features cute polar bears and penguins floating on small ice floes. (Ukraine)

A small family of penguins stand on a shrinking Iceberg candle. Sadly, they’ve got no place to go. (China)