Last week we spoke of your preserving your herbs. Today we will go a step further and chat about picking your cucumbers. In my case, I was the lucky receiver from a friends garden which is overflowing with cucumbers.

Alas, we must take a step of the path to get to the garden gate…I was cruising around on- line yesterday and found a lovely post from the Garden Writers Today blog / The Editors corner  called – “When I Dance Like No One is Watching  By Michael Nolan, August 19, 2011.” For anyone that writes, blogs, cooks, or CREATES at all I think his post is a GREAT “read.”  The bottom line is …”just write (or insert your mode of creativity here)  like nobody is reading (again insert your word here). *Note to readers take notice of the name of the post, it is important for the next part!  What does this have to do with Picking? Not much, EXCEPT, in the comments section I saw these words from  Friends Drift Inn Kitchen “Dance with me….I prefer a Sinatra Foxtrot please. Giggles Sometimes I think no one is reading but my mom, but hey that’s something!” I liked the comment, so I followed it to Facebook, and naturally “liked” Friends Drift Inn Kitchen, I was intrigued enough to keep going and went to her blog. This woman seems to love life, smiles, laughing and cooking. All fun reading to me. Maybe one day our paths will cross, I hope so, I am positive it would be a good time of laughter and good foods. However, in the meantime, back to Pickles... It is on her site I found this pickle recipe which inspired me to use those cucumbers our friends had given us. Here is the site/page: You will have to click on the link (the blue letters to the right)   http://www.friendsdriftinn.com/food-preservation/bread-and-butter-pickles-recipe.html  The site is so fun I am going to make you follow the link to read the intro and to get the recipe! In case you need it again click here.

What I will give you is a photos collage from my adventure of pickling today. In a very abbreviated time-lapse collage, I got my jars ready, after doing the “brine” work I rinsed, I got my pickling juice boiled up and ready, all is on the stove top, and now we have the jars ready to take out and save! (You can click on the image to see it bigger if need be.)

My Pickles!

It was FUN, and I believe they have turned out wonderfully! My only question is, what should I pickle next!

To make is all even better she, her name is Joyce, has a FARMERS MARKET FIRST sub-site and a penchant for farmers market and local! Gotta ♥ it!

Joyce is living in Appalachia and I quote her. ” Seriously, people who believe the farm-to-table movement is a new trend….need to forget about California and New York.  The action is here in Appalachia, and it has been for generations.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We cook, we laugh, we dance and sometimes we sip a little wine, bourbon, or tea.”  — How could I not smile and sign up to follow? I am excited to learn all about canning from a real pro! Stay tuned.

See you at Whole Foods Farmers Market tomorrow? It is supposed to be a beautiful day! Come on down and pick up some local goods.