Painting Air (2012) at the RISD museum in Providence RI

(We were asked to remove the image of the installation and with Gordy – so we did….)

Yesterday we got to go to the RISD museum for work and play. “Internationally acclaimed artist Spencer Finch “tests the limits of visual perception” (New York Times) and is known for his investigations of light and color. Combining science with poetic observation, he brings new awareness to the natural and built worlds in which we live.

In this major two-part show, Finch creates an expansive, site-specific new installation—also titled Painting Air (2012)—that recalls his recent visit to Monet’s water garden in Giverny, France. More than 100 panels of suspended glass become a lens to view a color-filled, 150-linear-foot mural; light shifts across the highly-reflective surfaces of the gently swaying panels, evoking the movement of Monet’s pond and transforming viewers’ perspectives from one moment to the next.”  Read the whole story: