Potential, the number 4 – and the connection to Earth Day is?

Wellie and the full of potential number 4.
Wellie and the full of potential number 4.

Wellie is all about health, mental and physical health….it therefor seems right that he is the “featured” Botanical Beautie this week, with the letter 4, and ready to take off! He’s off to reach some new potential! Least not forget- HAPPY EARTH DAY!

The number 4:

  • Earth, Air, Fire, Water
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
  • Native Americans Medicinal Wheel embodies 4 directions
  • Stages of our lives – birth, youth, adult and elder
  • East, West, North, South
  • 4 Phases of the Moon (new, half-moon waxing, full, half-moon waning)
  • …And a few more I just taught myself in doing a little reading for this post.
    The Four Noble Truths epitomize Buddhism. ***
  • To the Pythagoreans 4 was the source of the tetractys 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10, the most perfect number. ***
  • In medieval times there were thought to be four humours (phlegm, blood, choler, and black bile—hence the adjectives phlegmaticsanguinecholeric, and melancholic), and the body was bled at various places to bring these humours into balance. ***
  • Four types of animal (ground movers, flyers, four-legged, and two-legged.)***http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/1086220/number-symbolism/248161/4

Four is todays topic, the 4 seasons, and specifically SPRING! The season that’s full of potential. The ground is exploding with new grass, flowers and multitudes of all sorts of “burst” of life. For many of us we have been less energetic for the past season, the skies have often been grey, and the temps were cold. All that is gently and beautifully changing. I love the spring-that amazing willow light green on the trees as the buds and leaves appear, the wonderful joyous visions of flowers peeping out and blooming again, the SUN with the longer days and warmer temps. It’s all so yummy!  A friend, in the last year or so, made me aware of the Taoist Seasons and it fascinates me. Spring is the season of WOOD. OK, makes sense on some logical levels to me, wood, trees, branches become covered again, roots coming alive, and all those other woodland flora and fauna coming to life with wood involved in so many ways…. But here’s closer to what it really means.

The Wood Elements: The power of Wood is gentle, persistent, and filled with creative potential. It has the power of both being and becoming—of being true to your own nature and becoming more yourself by clearly expressing your inner needs and desires. Wood gently penetrates the earth to bring forth water, the source of all life.  Drawing from our roots, we find the energy to push forward with strength and firmness of purpose, always remaining supple, yielding, and true to our nature.

The Wood element’s climate is windy; its direction is East (“Beginning and creation arise in the East”); and its power is experienced most intensely between 11:00 pm and 3:00 am.

The color associated with Wood is green; its odor is rancid; and its sound is shouting.



It’s often said, Spring is a time of new beginnings, or maybe of renewals. April also brings us EARTH DAY tomorrow, so, lets combine to two. Reclaim, Reduce, Recycle, ReThink, if needed-ReDo.

Reclaim – in this case your muscles! Get out and up and MOVE. It’s bad enough to be a slug in the winter, but it’s worse in the spring!
ReDuce– ever heard of Spring Cleaning…ha ha; of course you have. Now, the trick is to sort and reduce not just move the stuff around. That would be in your home. In your Mind. And don’t forget, in your Body too!
ReUse/Recycle: repurpose what you can – toss the rest…again- literal and psychologically. (Remember all those posting about “letting go“- practice! )
Rethink: Grudges and resentments are indigestible and cause stress. Practice forgiveness.
ReDO. Take a risk, rethink and do something new! Remember a small seed can turn into a mighty tree! Go of it! Feel the potential and RUN with it (not walk but RUN, well at least skip!)

Prints, Art and Joseph Borg

ART WEEK – Part 2. So much fun last week we continue..

Joseph Borg: New York moments metropolitan (no33)

I met Joe outside the MET, on the sidewalk to be exact.  It was a beautiful spring afternoon, and Joe had a table full of beautiful art work.  “Joseph Borg, an artist and master printer, specializes in the traditional intaglio method, utilizing the monoprint technique as a means of endless experimentation. Joseph’s work has been exhibited and well received in the U.S. and abroad. His work has been chosen to be the first and only visual art found in the living quarters of Biosphere II, a life-sustaining experimental habitat in Oracle, Arizona.” ( Very Cool, and Very Green!)

I just had to stop and look, the work has a quality and finesse  that I could not walk by. The colors in his prints are often vivid, like the city of NYC that he lives in, and I like it!

We chatted a bit and he told me that these prints are a mix of painting, drawing and embossing. He then told me these are also often Mixed Media prints, meaning if there is one he doesn’t like it get ripped up and fragments are added to other and a new image is formed. Recycling IN the art. How great is that!

I couldn’t resist and bought a print then and there. I hope you will be moved to do so as well when you see his images on his website.  http://www.joeborg.com

Whimsy, Imagination, and Architectural Design

“Office Decorated With a Refurbished Vintage 1960s Fighter Plane   by Amanda Sengstacken, 04/04/11
REUSE IN A BIG WAY!  – “When Adam Kushner, principle of design firm KUSHNER Studios, set about designing a creative office environment, he thought big – really big. He and his team hauled in a vintage 1960s MiG fighter plane and refurbished it on-site, creating the ultimate thinking spot (and company mascot). The plane now acts as an important part of Mr. Kushner’s personal office, and may be the most unusual re-use of a fighter plane to date!”  Inhabitat

Adam Kushner, principal of design firm KUSHNER Studios, office
Office Decorated With a Refurbished Vintage 1960s Fighter Plane
house clad in used tomato can tiles in Patagonia’s dense wilderness.
house clad in used tomato can tiles in Patagonia’s dense wilderness.

A stunning studio house clad in used tomato can tiles? Imagination!

Bariloche-based designer Manuel Rapoport has built himself a stunning studio house clad in used tomato can tiles in the midst of Patagonia’s dense wilderness. The shiny house was built with tins leftover from local bars and restaurants, which are preserved with a protective coat of varnish every 6 years. “Manu”, the designer-maker, has always been interested in recycling and the use of readily available resources – he says “I don’t need to use titanium to have my very own Guggenheim, I can use tomato tins.”   SEE  MORE PHOTOS