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Regardless of your own personal style, fashion is all around us. Even though I am no fashion maven I do enjoy looking and exploring. From the sublime classics of elegance and grace, to the outrageous and ridiculous, it’s all fun. Fashion is a reflection of the times, the world and where we are right now. To me that is all fascinating and worth watching. Another world? Absolutely.

The designers often pull from fantasy and romance, and the images are often amazing. The photography, the creativity and the results are astounding and that alone is worth perusing!  Today we venture into….”Valentino continues its adventure with the RED Valentino girl depicted in an imaginary world created in collaboration with London based fashion photographer, Tim Walker. For the SS12 ad campaign, model, Nimue Smit is photographed in “the park of monsters”, which dates back to 1522 and represents a visual sequence ranging between mythology and fantasy.” (FashionIndie) How could Birdelli resist not jumping in? She couldn’t!  Here are two takes, the original which I found on Fashion Indie ( , a great site to explore for fun and fashion, and the BBB3 (Botanical Beauties & Beasties) take.

Birdelli could not resist joining the Valentino campaign for a little fun!
Valintino Original posting
Valentino Original posting without Birdelli :- (

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