THANKSGIVING WEEK – OMG, Can you believe it?!

The Botanical Beauties & Beasties want to wish you all a happy beginning of the Holiday season… Merry Everything… Happy Days… Healthy Wishes.

  • If you can: Eat Local  … ReUse what you can… ReDuce your carbon footprint as much as you can…. ReCycle all you can….and ReThink your ways. All the parts, that means all of us do indeed make a whole. When you stop for a moment and think about it,  it feels good to be part of a good cause

The Botanicals will be over the river and through the woods this week, so there will be few words. 

Gordy is already available as a Holiday Card as well as a blank card. To see /to buy go to

Merry Everything Joy for all Happy Holidays!

gordy_art Blank Card
The image that is on the blank Card. No message inside
Gordy - Holiday Card Front
The image that is on the front of the Holiday Card. The inside message is "Merry Everything Joy to all Happy Holidays!"

6 thoughts on “THANKSGIVING WEEK – OMG, Can you believe it?!”

  1. Loved your post today!
    (every day, too, but today it was brief – but engaging; practical and inviting… And my brain was ready for the botannical words of the day.)
    Thank you for all your messages. They are a. Welcome addition to the day.

    1. Nice! I did indeed just drop by your new space- what a fun and interesting collection of recipes! I look forward to more! I usually post a recipe on fun food Friday – would be ok if I plucked one, and gave you credit and a link on a future Friday (s) ?


      liz ••• Live Laugh. Wiggles and wags.

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