What soothes your soul?

Always a good question to think about… What makes you stop, breath deep, and creates some inner peace for you?

For me it’s (in no particular order) friends, family, flowers, yoga, my dogs, and “creating” – like a new drawing or an art/craft “object,” sunshine, fresh air, and then maybe some more flowers…… or at least those things are some of list toppers!

Since Mable (or if you prefer you can call her Mabel – she likes to mix it up a bit)  is CEO of Emos, and Emos manufacture Smiles, it seemed fitting that she get to hold the giant flower and stand in one of my favorite flowers – a Poppy. You will have to use your imaginations to see all the other “soul soothing pieces”  here with Mabel, but I can assure you they are like water drops and are sitting on top of those flowers too!  Even better…. use your imagination and think about what ever your pieces are and insert them into your mind and reality. If you are really lucky, maybe Mabel can hold some of your too!

Mabel with Flowers

4 thoughts on “What soothes your soul?”

  1. Poppies; remember that scene from Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and friends are out of the woods,can see Oz but face the poppy field. They fall into a deep sleep but awake refreshed, renewed and ready for OZ? Isn’t that what Mabel stands for; a smile that renews and re-awakens us to the beauty that sustains that…soothes the soul. Thank you Mabel for reminding us to find our poppy of renewal.

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