The stories of our lives

(Image at story end)  Each and everyone one of us goes about our moments, days, tasks, and events every day. These small and large journeys make up the stories of our lives.  These stories have definitive beginnings (our births) as well as the obvious definitive end. One of the amazing things is that “end” is partly a fuzzy ending to those of us that march on after the passing of a person. The stories obviously continue in memories but also happen in new events. What? How? Is she out her mind? No, I am not.

I recently attended a wonderful life event. A Wedding. All  the hopeful and expected trimmings were present, the guest from near and far, happiness was everywhere, and love was clearly in the air! Two people, each with their own stories, now are lucky enough to start a marvelous new joint story.  One of the really cool things is that the two independent stories continue, and now we have three stories. This is a case were the math is a little askew and 1+1=3!  I believe a good union means each person is still their single story, but the joined/couple story is equally important, and so becomes a shared third story. The journeys, the paths, and the stories will unfold as the years roll by, and we all wish them only the best and the happiest of stories!   My personal journeys, and so my stories, are unique to myself, as is every one of us. So back to the fuzzy part… I was “sans one” instead of “plus one” at this life event – but my “one” knew, and loved, the wedding family of the groom, it’s the grooms mum who is our original connection to this wonderful wedding. My “one” had heard all the stories, he knew the characters, and we would often, in the more recent years, spend holidays and special times together. I am sure that he too was wishing the new bride and groom only the best and all the love. So, although he was not part of the physical wedding story, he will never not be part of my story, past, present and even future. For me, he too, was indeed at the wedding, clearly not in the usual way, he didn’t have to worry about what to wear and we didn’t get to dance together, but he was positively there in my heart and in the love that was in the air. He is part of the reason I am who I am today. The people who come into our lives, and make imprints on us, are all part of our stories.

The fabric of the story continues to get woven each day, each path, each journey, each awareness, you get the idea… It’s a good thing. The woven fabric may get tattered at times, may even get a few holes, but other times it seems to have gold threads woven into it, sometimes it just grows calmly, slowly and steadily – all are part of the story. As hard at times as it seems to understand “the story,” all the threads, the weaving, the tatters, the gold, are what they are supposed to be. They are our individual stories.

Wedding pair, groom in his Kilt
Yes, the groom, all the groomsmen, and many of the other “Scotts” at this wedding donned their finest and wore the Scottish Heritage proud with their  kilts. It was SPECTACULAR!

6 thoughts on “The stories of our lives”

  1. This made me smile and at the same time tears were in the corners of my eyes.
    Thank you Liz for all the beauty you share being you.
    Lots of Love to you

  2. I, too, read this with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. What a beautiful spirit you have, in addition to your positive attitude. This is another beautiful illustration. Thanks for all you share. You’re an inspiration. Sending more love your way.

  3. Awh, thank you both so much. … And yes, it was written with love, a smile and some tears. Words from the heart usually ring true and are well received. Glad you liked the post, thanks for your support and your comments.

  4. Sounds like you had a special time in many ways. Family connection is such a big part of our lives, so glad you are able to share these moments with them. Be strong when you have to but it’s ok to be soft and mellow when you want to. This is what I love about you….

  5. Your reflections of your friend’s wedding day made this event seem like others that most of us have experienced at one time or another and it gave me pause to remember some of them when reading your words; you said it so eloquently. Thank you for reminding us that there is joy in each day, we just need to take the time to see it. It is difficult to be strong all the time; we don’t need to be; others do not know what we are feeling or going through, and as long as we can come to terms with our life we are doing just fine, and making the best of all situations is what counts and you certainly have done that many times over. I think of you so often, Liz and hope that there will be many gold threads in your fabric of life.

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